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interview skills

“Your brain actually operates differently in an unfamiliar environment. Our brains are obsessed with novelty,” says Levy. “When something novel happens, our brains respond in a positive way because we want to explain and explore it and this feeds the desire to be out there.” “You have to cross some kind of social, physical or emotional boundary. You have to push your comfort zone. Because an adventure isn’t an adventure unless you grow from the experience,” says Levy. Pushing a physical boundary would be like trying a new athletic endeavor, while pushing an emotional boundary might involve acting outgoing if you are an introvert. The point is to step outside of the boundaries that we have either dictated for ourselves or adhered to as a result of a subconscious decision to follow society’s suggestions. key is to realize that you can push these perceived limits. “They are not real, it was just made up at some point and we all agreed on it,” says Levy.

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You hear staff complaining about the way he runs things, and how bored they are with their job – what do you do?” Again, reply to that person and not to the group generally. People may say things in person that they wouldn’t put in writing and you may save yourself an expensive error. Would it be a problem if I’m angry most of the time? Dress appropriately. Never answer just “yes” or “no” to a question. Employers want to place good people and may even refer you to opportunities outside of the firm. Study and practice your answers.

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