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DK: And that’s all the stuff you can get in the shop, and there’s more stuff you can get? DP: Absolutely. Tons of stuff to unlock, tons of reasons to come back and keep playing, playing, playing. DK: And there’s unlockable playable characters, right? DP: Yeah, there are unlockable playable characters. Your core character is Pete Jr, who’s a little bit of a lazy pirate who wakes up and discovers he has to save the world. You can also play as Shynot, who moves a little bit slower but he gets more points, and Dave – not named after me, but he does kind of look like me, so I’m going to say it’s named after me – moves a little slower but he has a peg leg. He moves a little slower, but he has more health, so it’s a constant tradeoff. There’s a fourth character, who I guarantee your fans know, that will be announced right before we launch. Coming soon. DK: Interesting.

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